Boys Recreation - Kindergarten to 7th Grade

Discover the exciting world of Lacrosse, where everyone plays, no matter their skill level. At Cambridge Youth Recreation Lacrosse, we believe in providing a nurturing environment that emphasizes the fundamentals of the game and promotes good sportsmanship.

Our Programs

From beginners to more experienced players, our recreation age groups of U8, U10, U12 & U14 offer the perfect platform for your son to explore and grow in the sport. As they progress, our Junior and Senior Select teams provide further opportunities for development and competition.

Fall and Spring Seasons

We offer two seasons each year - Fall (Late August to November) and Spring (Late January to May). Our Fall season typically starts in the third week of August and extends to the first week of November. Spring commences in the last week of January and concludes in the first week of May.

Practice and Games

Our dedicated coaches conduct practices twice weekly, typically Tuesdays and Thursdays, at Bell Memorial Park. Each practice session lasts about an hour and a half, providing ample time for skill development, team building, and physical training.

We participate in the Newtown Lacrosse League and play games on Saturday or Sunday. The league involves a travel component of 30-40% within 30 minutes of our home field. Depending on the age group and playoff progression, our teams will play 10-14 games each season. All boys participating in our REC program receive equal playing time, provided they attend and participate in the practices and games.

No Tryouts, Just Fun!

At Cambridge Youth Lacrosse, we believe in the power of participation. There are no tryouts at our recreation level - just the opportunity for every young player to enjoy the thrill of the game, learn valuable skills, and create lifelong friendships.

Join us today and embark on a journey of sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun. Welcome to Cambridge Youth Recreation Lacrosse - where everyone gets to play!

What you need to start!

All players are required to provide their own equipment for our boys programs. Uniforms are provided as part of your registration. We replace our uniforms each Spring, so you only need to buy a new uniform once per year. Please review the Required Equipment resource.

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Age Group Breakdown

Age Group Grades Teams Practice Games
U7K to 1st1 Team1 Day Per Week - 1 hr.4-5 games on Sat
U92nd to 3rd2 Teams2 Days Per Week - 1.25 hrs.8-10 games on Sat/Sun
U114th to 5th1 Team2 Days Per Week - 1.5 hrs.8-10 games on Sat/Sun
U136th to 7th1 Team2 Days Per Week - 1.5 hrs.8-10 games on Sat/Sun

Lacrosse Season Schedule

Season Dates Games Age Groups
Fall RecreationLate August to November8-10 games on Sat/Sun1st to 8th Grade
Spring RecreationLate January to May10-14 games on Sat/Sun1st to 5th Grade
Yonas Summer Select*May through June2 Tournaments2nd to 8th Grade

* The YONA Summer Lacrosse is a seasonal team that typically competes in one or two local summer tournaments. Our roster is made up of dedicated players from the Cambridge Rec Program, with team sizes varying from year to year.