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  • Open to boys who are rising 2nd through 8th grade
  • No tryouts
  • Teams created evenly for a competitive season for all
  • Practices begin in January
  • All home games at Bell Memorial Park on weekends starting in February
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Testing details here:

Wall Warrior Challenge




All field players will need the following:
-Shoulder pads
-Arm pads
-Mouth guard
-Cleats (football cleats are the most common but soccer cleats are fine as well)
-Protective cup (highly recommended)


All Goalies will need the following:
-Goalie stick
-Chest protector
-Mouth guard
-Protective cup (required for goalies)

Parent meeting presentation:

CYL Parent Meeting_Fall2021





Testing details here:

Wall Warrior Challenge


The Cambridge Youth Lacrosse (CYL) REC Program offers lacrosse to boys in 8th grade and below.  Offered in both Spring and Fall, this program is designed to teach boys the basics of the game, including throwing, catching, scooping, shooting and offensive and defensive positioning.  We seek to accomplish that goal by placing the boys in an environment best-suited for their age and level of play, where they focus on skills development, as well as participate in game play.  All of the boys who participate in our REC program receive an equal amount of playing time, provided they attend and participate in the practices and games.


The Cambridge Youth Lacrosse (CYL) Select program is designed for the advanced skill /competitive lacrosse player and being a part of this team requires a higher-level commitment. The select teams have similar training methods, offense and defense, and intensity levels as a high school team.  Players are expected to be able to consistently pass & catch and demonstrate all fundamental aspects of the game.  Any player who resides in the Cambridge High School district is eligible to tryout.  Before the tryouts begin, CYL wants interested players and their parents to be clear on the expectations of anyone involved in the Select program.  This information is intended to help facilitate the decision between the Select and Rec program.

The CYL board has developed a Select team organization, leveraging coaches from the Cambridge High School Lacrosse program, to provide a positive, fair and competitive experience from tryouts through the end of the season. The Select organization includes:

  • Select Team Director: Cambridge High School Head Coach
    • Responsibilities of the Select Team Director include running select tryouts, putting together proposed rosters for each team, active involvement in all Select teams, oversight of Select coaches, assistance with practice and game plans
  • Senior Select Head Coach: Matt Bowerman
  • Junior Select Head Coach: Dylan Zobkiw


As in CYL’s Rec program, the Select program adheres to the “Spirit of the Game” philosophy. This means sportsmanship, fair play and respect for all players, coaches & officials remain a primary focus. However, Select games are intended to be played and coached more competitively than Rec games. Select teams are held to league “win-loss” standings with implications for post season play-offs. As such, playing time will be dictated by game conditions and can result in some players receiving more playing time than others. Playing time on Select teams can be impacted by:

  • Skill set
  • Game situations (man up/man down, penalties, possession time/substitution possibilities, injuries, position availability, etc.)
  • Conditioning of player
  • Practice attendance
  • Discipline/Attitude issues


Similarly, in order to be competitive in games, Select roster sizes are limited and tryouts will be held to determine which players will be on the Select team roster.


Active Roster Size and Position Target Ranges:

  • Active Roster: 17-21 total
    • Attack: (4-6)
    • Middie: (6-9)
    • Def/LSM: (4-6)
    • Goalie: (1-2)


  • CYL encourages and promotes multi-sport athletes. But, during the Select season we expect players to commit to lacrosse as their primary sport
  • Coaches expect 100% effort
    • Unless we are going through a new drill at a slower speed while learning, everything is at maximum effort. This starts at and includes pre-practice/game warm-ups, through to the last whistle.
    • Physical conditioning is critical and running will be a component of practice time. Get in shape and stay in shape.
  • Coaches expect 100% focus
    • When coaches are talking/teaching, players need to be listening
    • Full attention is required while at practice
    • Socializing can be done prior to practice/game, limited during water breaks, and after practice/game
  • All players need to attend practices/games with a positive attitude towards their team, eager to learn, and to continue to improve their stick skills and lacrosse IQ.
    • The history of lacrosse teaches us about respect….A positive attitude is a must.
  • Be a good teammate
    • Support your fellow lax teammates on and off the field
    • Celebrate your teammates success
    • Everyone makes mistakes! Help your teammates learn from mistakes or shortcomings in a positive way. Some of our most valuable lessons are leaned in these instances.
    • Verbal or physical bullying/arguments will not be tolerated and could result in removal from team. If this is identified, please report it to your player’s coach and/or Program Director
  • Attend all practices and games
    • A team is comprised of every player. So, to practice as a team…we all need to commit to being at every practice.
    • In the rare instance that your player cannot attend a practice or game, please COMMUNICATE this information to your coach as soon as possible.
    • Practice plans and game plans are made well in advance. Missing players can drastically impact the rest of the team.
  • Practice outside of scheduled practices
    • There are plenty of opportunities to improve your game outside of practice, including:
      • Playing catch (using both hands), with focus on your off-hand. Work with a teammate, parent, another CYL participant or find a wall
      • Seek outside assistance by attending a clinic or working with a coach/trainer
      • Work on conditioning. As noted above, get in shape and stay in shape.


  • Adhere to the guidance of the Select Team Director
  • Create a positive environment for players to continue to develop their individual and team lacrosse skills.
  • Set and communicate appropriate expectations with parents and players.
  • Maintain an open line of communications with players and parents.
  • Foster and implement the Cambridge Way.


    • Get your player to games and practices on time and with full equipment and water.
    • Support the efforts of all players in a positive manner.
    • Communicate with coaches if there is ever a disconnect between expectations and reality.
    • Sideline behavior
      • Please support your players to the fullest extent possible
      • However, please refrain from coaching your player – LET THE COACHES COACH
      • Never criticize the referees
      • Never criticize another player (our team or opposing team)
      • Never engage parents from the opposing team


  • Registration for tryouts is required in advance through the CYL website to reserve a tryout number. Tryout registration will be open on the website from late October through until a day or two before tryouts in mid November. A fee of $25 will cover tryouts. Walk up registrations the day of the tryouts are not guaranteed, and will be taken only if space is available, and with an additional $25 fee. Register in advance to secure your spot at tryouts!
  • Requirements:
    • A valid US Lacrosse membership.
    • Proof of residency (bring a utility bill to tryouts to prove residency in the Cambridge district).
  • All players need to wear a reversible Cambridge practice or game jersey to tryouts.


CYL will encourage any players who try out but are not selected for the Select team roster, to still participate in the Rec program. This will allow them the chance to continue to work on their skills and develop as a stronger lacrosse player through the Cambridge Way.




Cambridge Youth Lacrosse Board


2845 Bethany Bend

Milton, GA 30004